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The single biggest challenge for designers and engineers is to be in agreement and of one mind, which is key to making better decisions and better products overall. It’s really about effective communication.

Manufacturing companies that develop new products rely on product data management (PDM) and product lifecycle management (PLM) software to effectively manage the flow of data between departments and project members. The challenge that traditional PLM systems face is that their usage is constrained to the engineering department, often because of limited time, budget or through lack of adoption due to the sheer complexity of PLM offerings for non-technical users. Typically, PLM solutions are not implemented to handle the entire lifecycle of a product or necessary adjustments have not been made to fully exploit the end-to-end lifecycle capabilities. This is because people tend to deploy PLM exclusively within the departments where they perceive they will gain the most value.

Chris Jones – CEO and President of Actify says:

“I believe it is for this reason senior management perceives that PLM does not provide the promised value to their organization. With a limited implementation scope, the value is often minimized. When you restrict the organization’s ability to efficiently and effectively manage the flow of product data across the enterprise, information workers are confronted with incomplete data or barriers to access data. This then leads to two possible outcomes; information workers make bad decisions, or they waste time waiting for more data while disrupting the engineering team to gain access to crucial information. As a result, engineers spend valuable time administering information to the wider enterprise. It is imperative manufacturing companies automate as much mundane work as possible through better use of software tools. With the ever-increasing rates of data creation combined with a global shortage of engineers, this ‘barrier to data’ problem is only going to get worse.”

To mitigate this information bottleneck, Actify has developed Centro which acts as an enterprise product data platform, collecting information from multiple product data sources to enable enterprise data accessibility, delivering value to all stakeholders. Actify Centro is an enterprise information platform that is used to integrate a variety of organizational disciplines both within and outside of engineering.

Actify is passionate about using business intelligence to make manufacturing companies smarter by harnessing the product data trapped in all their data sources.

Many of today’s manufacturing
companies store their data in line-of-business systems like PLM, ERP and Excel spreadsheets, but not everyone has access to these systems, and the user interface may be cumbersome for the casual user. Actify solves this challenge by enabling cross-department collaboration, data management and quick access to extended product data that can help make critical business decisions faster.

We believe that software tools can provide tremendous benefits especially for manufacturing companies, through the intelligent use of their available data and through automating mundane processes. At Actify we provide a set of business solutions designed to support the creation, management, dissemination and collaborative use of product data (i.e. product definition information including BOM structures, CAD files, specifications, requirements, manufacturing instructions, etc.).


CIM Data commentary - Product Data Intelligence

Actify’s solutions enrich and complement existing enterprise environments, such as PLM and ERP, by bridging information silos to provide informed analysis of disparate data, providing product data intelligence.
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