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Powered by Actify SpinFire

The SpinFire 11.7.0 software update introduces high levels of performance, new features, and many additional enhancements.


In this webinar recording, we will provide an overview of the most important innovations in practical application.

  • Performance Improvements
    Faster loading times and higher refresh rate during model manipulation improves SpinFire application responsiveness and user experience.
  • UI Improvements
    Customize the layout, front rendered PMI and other UI elements to enhance the user experience.
  • New Features
    ‘Part Properties Charts’ and ‘Custom attribute in Assembly Tree’ features continue to elevate metadata’s importance within the SpinFire application.


SpinFire 11.7.0 contains importer updates, support for New Importers, and Activation/Licensing improvements.  Support for new file formats and improved usage features on floating licenses will enrich SpinFire’s value as an enterprise CAD tool.

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